The Irish Pagan School Podcast

Lora O'Brien & Jon O'Sullivan

Authentic Connection to Ireland. Regular episodes from native presenters and teachers - Lora O'Brien and Jon O'Sullivan - on Irish History, Heritage, Mythology, Folklore, the Tuatha Dé Danann, Fairy Faith, Irish or Celtic Paganism... direct from the Irish Pagan School HQ in County Waterford, Ireland.✨ FREE LEARNING RESOURCES FOR A YEAR! -✨ Irish Pagan Resources Checklist available NOW -👀 🟠 Patrons get to ask their own questions for these episodes, and get the answers about a month before anyone else! 😉 Join us on Patreon -  ✨ FREE Online Classes -✨ 5 Day Morrigan Challenge - the Irish Pagan School we offer Online Classes on Irish Paganism, Mythology, History, Heritage, Culture, Magic and Spirituality, taught by native Irish Educators, based in County Waterford, Ireland.💥 JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE --💥 Support this work on Patreon - a question about Irish or Celtic Paganism?Please Search Our Resources!✨ The Irish Pagan School Blog -✨ The Irish Pagan School YouTube -✨ The Irish Pagan School Podcast -✨ The Ogham Academy -✨ The Morrigan Academy - Enroll in our online learning environment at the Irish Pagan School for full info on classes, courses and longer programmes - at

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