THE Kraken Pod: a Seattle Kraken and NHL podcast

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THE Kraken Pod: a Seattle Kraken and NHL podcast. WELCOME TO "THE Kraken Pod!" A Seattle Kraken and NHL podcast for hockey newbs and diehards. Lifelong hockey fan and former radio personality Jeff Januszek teams up to teach native Washingtonian and NHL newb Joey Cirilo the ins and outs of Hockey while discussing his new favorite team, the Seattle Kraken. "The Kraken Pod" dives into what lies beneath with the Seattle Kraken, the NHL, the world of hockey, and the pop culture surrounding it all. Subscribe All podcasting apps, rate & review on iTunes and Apple Podcasts! Presented by The Hockey Podcast Network with new episodes every week.  Follow us on Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook at @KrakenPod Release the Kraken!

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