Women Bridging the Gap

Alexandra D'Italia & Lenya Wilson

Welcome to Women Bridging the Gap, a free-wheeling, conversation podcast co-hosted by Lenya Wilson, a Black woman and Alexandra D’Italia, a white woman. As two women over 50 who are still dreaming, planning, and working, we explore what womanhood means in today’s world, in today's American culture. And for us, that means identity and race usually enter into our conversation. We’re passionate, loud, funny, non-judgmental, and opinionated. We are feminists. We are elders. We believe in abundance. We believe in the power of storytelling. We’re not journalists, but we’re open about our experiences and eager to learn from others. We want to empower ourselves; and we want to share our experiences to empower you. We began this podcast in response to the murder of George Floyd, Amy Cooper’s weaponization of her white femininity, and the subsequent uprising. We believe that honesty, openness, and love can bridge the gap between people of color and white people. This podcast is a safe space. We bring people into the conversation, because your voices matter too. Just let us know. We want you to be in on our conversation—and help us move forward one conversation at a time.

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