On The Hard Days

Megan Champion

If you're raising an out-of-the-box kid, you've likely struggled with doubt, guilt, and shame in your motherhood. "Am I crazy?" you've likely wondered. "What am I doing wrong?" You've probably never met another mother raising a neurodiverse child like yours, and truth be told, your mental health has suffered. Host Megan Champion gets it and has a mission to bring connection and support to mothers raising neurodiverse children. Each week, a brave and vulnerable mom shares her story to the world, in the hopes of helping listeners feel seen, heard, and validated. Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, if you feel lonely in your motherhood journey, On The Hard Days is for you. Follow Megan @on.the.hard.days on Instagram for personalized messages of hope and support (DMs are ALWAYS open!). Then subscribe to On The Hard Days and share the show with other moms in the trenches. No one knows our kids better than we do, and we are MEANT to be their mothers!

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