Intimacy Cadre is both a podcast and a community of practice ( As a podcast, it is a low tech way for us your podcast hosts Jim and Dee Elle to share some of the juicy conversations that we're always having with each other. It's intended for those who care about us and anyone else interested in intimacy topics (which range on basic connection and communication to much more in-depth discussions on sexuality and sexual experience). Our conversations are part of our personal daily intimacy practice, and so be a fly on the wall and listen in. Intimacy Cadre is also what we call our new in-person community in Bozeman, Montana, where we are facilitating workshops regularly. We'd like you to know that we are not "sexperts" or "intimacy gurus"; we are simply people who desire a community of intimacy practitioners (and no, this does not mean "sex group" or "orgy") within a supportive community. To connect with us, please write us at

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