Marti's Music Kitchen

Marti Mendenhall

Marti’s Music Kitchen is the Fun Music and Food Podcast - Where Anything Can Happen with host, Jazz Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Marti Mendenhall. The podcast episodes are just a kick to listen to, sometimes with live performances, a ton of laughter and lots and lots of amazing food! Check out interviews of musicians, chefs, food-lovers and creative people - sometimes cooking and even singing on the air!The philosophy is that food and music are the two things that bind us together as people. That’s the really great thing about this show. The diversity of guests – of shared experiences – of the many, many different views of food. Marti delights in the discovery of each interview, the surprises and the tremendous creativity of each dish. The food experience is an adventure in itself. Search out some of these interviews! Jazz Songstress Tahirah Memory, Zia McCabe of the Dandy Warhols, Mark Bitterman from the International Bitterman Salt Co and The Meadow and Naomi LaViolette. Special thanks to patrons of this podcast - you keep us going strong! If YOU want to support this creative endeavor and future cookbooks, join the fun at http:/ Check Out the website:

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