Editors’ Notes: “It’s such an incredible way to intimately get to know someone right away, diving into our shopping carts,” says SuChin Pak, co-host of Add to Cart, a weekly podcast in which she and co-host Kulap Vilaysack have casual discussions centered around the products they’re consuming. “The bulk of the show lives in the world of Ku and Su, two kooky Asian aunties trying to make their way through their forties.” In each episode, Pak, a veteran journalist who previously worked for MTV News, and Vilaysack, a writer/director/comedian who created the Seeso series Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, go into detail about their online shopping experiences, which encompass a wide range of interests—whether they break down their shower routines by describing the essentials oils and facial cleansers they use, or share hilarious, borderline TMI anecdotes about the benefits of sex pillows.By talking about their shopping habits, Pak and Vilaysack open the door to sharing more personal, intimate stories about family life, current events, and what’s happening in their careers, among other things. They both met while organizing for Time’s Up Entertainment, a charitable foundation that raises money to support victims of sexual harassment. “SuChin was the first person that came to mind,” Vilaysack says. “We just really hit it off through a lot of giggling, plus snorting.” What started as a fun distraction, a project they could seamlessly fit into their lives with the little time they had, soon turned into a unique and connective experience between friends. Their camaraderie is such that they have a perfect understanding of each other's buying quirks. “I'm that person that puts things pre-sale into a cart so that when the sale hits, I can hit it—but not her,” Pak says. “She will go to the site and order the three they have custom made, and in matte black, for the very, very refined consumer that may stumble upon this site and pay just a little more money.”

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