T-N-T Podcast (Tara n Tina Show)

Tara Graves & Tina Boggess

A Canadian and American dynamite duo of 2 women discussing real life issues, men stuff, everything drag racing, horsepower, Hellcats, Mopar, relationships and dating. An added spin of comedy to top it off including awesome special guests. Subscribe and follow us on Twitter, YouTube & Instagram. The show will also be broadcasted public on my personal Facebook page. Don’t miss out!*Listeners Discretion Is Advised*YouTube: T-N-T Podcast (Tara n Tina Show) https://youtube.com/channel/UC8iw3zHSUPW_xC0M-CjpWGAInstagram: @tntpodcastshowTwitter: @T_N_TPodcast

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