Interior Design Business

Terri Taylor

Are you an interior design professional who wants to create time-accurate, money-generous, and fee-based job offers that clients jump to say "yes" to? Terri Taylor, President and Creative Director of the Interior Design Business Academy and the host of the Interior Design Business Podcast, is here to help interior design professionals who want to create lifestyle design businesses that pay them what they are worth.Each week, Terri is bringing her clear, proven, and repeatable step-by-step "recipes" for attracting ideal luxury clients along with her overreaching attitude of gratitude, abundance, beauty, and joy for creating long-lasting and meaningful success.Terri knows that what you believe to be true and how you feel about wealth and money have a direct connection to the level of clients, budgets, and jobs you attract, so tune in each week to discover the strategies and support mechanics you need to achieve your goals as an interior design professional.

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