Relatable Matters

Holly Berube

Welcome to “Relatable Matters” - THE place for fun AND realistic pro tips, knowledge and hacks you can ACTUALLY use to build win-win relationships and finally make work-life balance a reality. Each episode will bring you a thought, story, or self-awareness shortcut to guide you in getting unstuck so you can then reconnect to your significance, get clear on who you are, and RELATE to those you care about most. Holly Berube - a certified professional coach since 2014 – is a mindfulness and relationship expert whose mission is to connect people through authentic relatability. She serves clients in the personal and corporate sectors, teaching individuals and teams practical mindfulness methods aimed to produce “win-win” collaborations and high-performance results. In her custom workshops, online courses and private coaching, Holly empowers her clients and students with simple tools to navigate their lives with powerful self-awareness. As a result, her clients exude confidence, communicate effectively, and experience daily life with compassionate, bold, and courageous mindsets.

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