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Hi! I’m Holly Hibbard, and welcome to The Holly Hibbard Podcast - THE place for insights, advice and real-talk for mamas of teens and young adults. If you're ready to equip, empower, and encourage your teenage or young adult kiddo for success in our ever-changing world, THIS is the place for you.As a professional coach and mentor, I help moms, teens, and young adults learn super simple emotional intelligence habits they can use to manage their anxieties, cope with stress, and navigate the messy emotional moments that come with growing up.What does healthy Emotional Intelligence look like when it comes to your teen or young adult?- Social Skills: Your teen's ability to create and maintain healthy relationships- Self-awareness: Your teen's knowledge of his/her own thoughts, feelings, and emotions- Decision-making: Your teen's ability to make choices and accept the outcomes of their choices- Empathy: Your teen's capacity to empathize and appreciate another perspective- Self-regulation: Your teen's ability to regulate his/her emotions and actions in a variety of environmentsAnd P.S. - Emotional Intelligence looks the same for you too.  :)Understanding your teen or young adult doesn't have to feel confusing, scary, or hard.  I'm giving you full-on permission, my friend, to find joy and laughter in the journey, forgive your mistakes easily, ditch the mom guilt, and regain confidence in your ability to be there for your kid in the best way you know how. I love to nerd out here about communication, uncomfortable conversations, vulnerability, authenticity, boundaries, personality styles, and so much more. Bring your questions, your concerns, and your know-how and I'll be ready for ya',  open-arms with a dose Mama Bear-Big Sister energy just for you.So welcome to my show! Listen, if you like what you've read so far, SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON your notifications so you don’t miss any of the gold coming your way.-----SOCIAL HANDLES // FOLLOW HOLLY:TIKTOK PROFILE: PAGE: HIBBARD'S // WORK WITH HOLLY: 1-ON-1 MENTORSHIP AND COACHING FOR YOU AND/OR YOUR TEEN OR YOUNG ADULT // - Book a 15-minute phone call to see if you or your teen/young adult (age 15 to 25) are a fit for working 1-on-1 or in a group mentorship setting with Holly as your/their mentor and coach. - If we are a great match, coaching packages and investments will be reviewed on this call. - If you and/or Holly do not feel we are the best possible match at this time for private coaching or group mentorship sessions, you'll be provided with referrals and/or resources so you may connect with another coach or mentor who best suits your/their current goals and needs.BOOK A 15-MINUTE CALL HERE:

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