That Wasn't In My Textbook

Toya From Harlem

That Wasn't In My Textbook is our history podcast that helps us uncover the things we always wished we learned from that boring bulky textbook. This is the history class you never knew you wanted and that you don't want to miss. This history podcast includes dynamic research topics, Toya’s cultural commentary and interviews with culture creators and entrepreneurs that speak to the ‘History of’ a topic from the history of police to the history of cannabis. In each episode of this history podcast learn alongside Toya, who picks out-of-the-textbook history topics, talk about lies our teacher taught us, provoke powerful conversations, and give you those unfiltered history and opinions - you know, the ones you might get in trouble for in class. Basically, if MTV Decoded, the History Channel and Anthony Bourdain spent their time debunking history and had a love child, it would be this podcast - That Wasn’t In My Textbook.

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