Nerd Journey: Career Advice for the Technology Professional

John White | Nick Korte

We are John White and Nick Korte, two technologists with experience in IT operations and sales engineering who started this podcast in 2018. Our mission is to accelerate the career progression of technical professionals, increase job satisfaction, and give listeners the career advice we wish we'd been given earlier in our careers. Most people in technology fields do not realize just how many different roles one could pursue or what those roles truly entail. We find guests who either have experience in tech or with a perspective that would help the technologist or someone looking to get into the industry. While the advice may be helpful to listeners well beyond this, our main focus is on the technologist. Interviews with our guests are usually released in multiple parts to showcase career inflection points, point out patterns we've seen elsewhere, and dive deep into lessons learned along the way. Our show is clean, released weekly on Tuesdays, and can be found at

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