The Jen Marples Show

Jen Marples

The Jen Marples Show, a top 2% globally ranked podcast, is dedicated to empowering midlife women so they can power the world! Your host, Jen Marples, is a 50-something entrepreneur, founder of The Jen Marples Agency, mentor to women worldwide, and the ultimate champion and cheerleader for midlife women who wants you to know one thing: You’re Not Too F***ing Old! to step into the midlife spotlight and claim all that you desire. Via Jen’s soulful, transformative, inspirational solo episodes and educational, motivating, and enlightening interviews with female leaders in business, health, menopause, wellness, and more, this show will empower you to unapologetically go for your midlife dreams, embrace your age, and become unstoppable! The Jen Marples Show is available on all major podcast platforms. To learn more about the show, visit 

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