Drink Less; Live Better

Sarah Williamson

THIS is the magic place where doubt, hope and action meet! Let's find JOY and COLOUR on the other side of alcohol! We don't have to hit rock bottom, we're allowed to want something different and we CAN choose to improve our lives from this point onwards. ​ ​ Sarah was 40 and reconsidering her relationship with alcohol. ​ ​ ​ She was tired and overwhelmed; she'd got a lot on her mind and a glass of wine or a G and T at the end of the day seemed like a treat or escape but... deep down she knew she wasn't doing herself any favours with this habit. ​ ​ ​ Are you thinking about drinking less? ​ Sarah brings you tips, advice, motivation and believes that the changes we bring into our lives when we choose to be alcohol free are worth celebrating and shouting about (she also believes in YOU)!​ ​ Sarah Williamson retired from drinking alcohol in 2019 and now uses her extensive coaching and mentoring experience to help and support others to do the same! www.drinklesslivebetter.com

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