Deconstructing Alpha - Unscripted Interviews with Time-Tested Investment Managers

Geremy van Arkel, CFA® and Shannen Carroll

Frontier has a long and rich history of investing in mutual funds and having managed billions of dollars in strategies made up of actively managed and index mutual funds. We bring deep knowledge and access to what we believe to be some of the best investment managers anywhere. These experts need to stay on top of economic trends, the political environment, and the direction of developments worldwide. They also need to have in-depth knowledge of the businesses that drive our economy and security selection and portfolio construction techniques. In short, many of the investment managers I have come across in my career are some of the most brilliant people I have ever met. We feel that our consistent process, extensive industry experience, and unique perspective have lent us unprecedented access to these managers and their insights. Through this podcast, I share that access with you. Along with my team at Frontier, I have the utmost regard for how added value funds are managed and the people and teams that manage these portfolios. This podcast is a sign of respect to the skill and intellect of providing relative alpha in an ever-evolving investment environment.

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