Coach JPMD

Coach JPMD is bringing something new to you in Season 2 of the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE podcast. Physicians are stressed and often feel like they are not practicing medicine the way they envisioned. Hospital corporations, governmental agencies, and large businesses are making it difficult for physicians and other healthcare providers to manage their patient populations freely. Coach JPMD wants to ensure that physicians have a voice and know how to run their offices and manage their patients. Many healthcare providers are seeing the light and are shifting to independent medical practices. If you are a healthcare provider and want to feel empowered to better your patients’ lives and improve your own personal well-being, then this podcast is for you. How can we help you deliver patient care your way? The one thing Coach JPMD can do is to share conversations with successful physicians, business owners, and thought leaders who are not tied to an agenda of increasing profit and personal gain of an institution. In season 2 of this podcast, we will be bringing you video podcasts of inspiring, educational, and insightful conversations so that you can practice impossible. Don’t forget to share and follow us on your favorite podcast platform. By the way, if you missed any episodes from season one and you are interested in learning about Medicare Advantage practice then browse the list of episodes in season one.  You will learn how you can set yourself apart from your colleagues by implementing proven successful marketing plans, hire the best team members, and decrease your chances of burnout.

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