A limited series of interviews with the practitioners featured in Kate Scelsa’s new one-of-a-kind guide to mindfulness and self-care for teens: LUMINARY, A MAGICAL GUIDE TO SELF-CARE. Join us for conversations on tarot, astrology, energy work, witchiness, creative practice, bodies, mindfulness, traditional talk therapy and MORE! Guests include Jeffrey Marsh, Erin Clark, AJA Daashuur, Aram Jibilian, Bakara Wintner, Staci Ivori, Khaliah Williams and Beth Pickens. ~ Get the book: https://bit.ly/buyluminary Find the author at KateScelsa.com Theme song by The Witch Ones Podcast produced by Laura von Holt, Host of The Mermaid Podcast, Astrology Zoned, and You’re Doing Great.

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