The Singing Buddha Podcast

Lucie Burns, Lazy Hammock

'An audio sanctuary sharing nuggets of creative, transformative and spiritual wisdom to uplift and inspire.' Hosted by Lucie Burns, author, musician, coach and speaker, also known as the artist, songwriter and music producer 'Lazy Hammock. 'In these episodes Lucie delivers her inspiring and thought provoking nuggets of wisdom, delving into all aspects of being a spiritual creative. She looks at what inspires us, connects us, affects us, grounds us, hinders us, makes us and breaks us, and explores various methods in which we can tap into our limitless potential so that we are able to become our best selves, not only creatively, but also mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, enabling us to navigate our lives and emotions in a more balanced and grounded way within this world, whilst endeavouring to remain true to our core, creative selves. Listen in to either start or continue on your journey of awareness, expansion and creativity, stepping into your own rhythm and unique flow, learning to let go, allow and just be, hopefully resulting in a deeper connection to yourself, your craft and the wider universe. / MUSIC: Written and produced by Lazy Hammock (Lucie Burns) /E: / WEBSITE: /SUPPORT THE SHOW:Ā 

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