Welcome to Wholiness Connection! Free **guided meditation** --"Our Energetic Connection" when you sign up for my newsletter!  Oneness Practices provides content and support for exploring and practicing our our deep connection, our fundamental Oneness.I’m Sonja, and I hope that you find a sense of support and connection here on your spiritual and/or religious journey. The support comes in the form of encouragement that you are right where you are supposed to be, experiencing just what you need at this time, and that all parts of you are welcome and can be integrated into what I call Wholiness. You’ll find that psychological and other sciences often come up in my content, as part of the integration into Wholiness. I believe we can all feel a profound sense of connection. Connection to ourselves as we accept our journey, our vulnerabilities, and our paradoxes and contradictions. Connection to spirit in whatever way and form that is calling to us. And connection to each other, which this podcast will explore in a series called Deep Calling Deep: How We Can BE With Each Other.When I mention practices or concepts from traditions/lineages not my own, I encourage you to seek sources from these traditions to explore further. As always, honor what feels right for you, even as I invite you to stick around and see what might be unfolding for you.

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