Rock Your Reinvention: Tips For High-Achieving Career Women

Karin Freeland

Rock Your Reinvention is the perfect podcast for YOU if you've ever wondered the following: - Is this all there is to life? (Working 24/7, having no time for myself)  - What's my purpose in life? - Could I really leave my 9 to 5 job? - Why do I feel so stuck? Not to worry; I've got your back. I used to ask those questions too, until I discovered the keys to reinventing my life. You're in the right place if you refuse to settle for mediocrity and are finally ready to take bold action! When you listen to the podcast, you’ll benefit in the following ways: - Gain helpful insights about what you really want out of life so you can ditch the indecision and fear, and confidently take bold action!- Redefine what success means to you and the steps you need to take to regain control of your time! - Hear from like-minded women who have reinvented their career, relationships, finances and more, so you can learn from the mistakes we’ve made and be inspired to take a leap of faith.- Learn tangible tips and strategies for creating balance, ensuring you achieve professional and personal goals, so you can live a happier life. Sound like exactly what you need? Good! I'm sharing all of my secrets to success, overcoming burnout, building your confidence and more. You’re only one click away from reclaiming your life. Listen now!Karin Freeland is a corporate workaholic turned Life Reinvention Coach. She's also a Motivational Speaker and Award-Winning Author. After climbing her way out of a midlife crisis at the age of 39, she made it her mission to ensure no woman ever stayed stuck again! Learn more about the host at 

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