What the Austen? is a Jane Austen podcast hosted by Izzy Meakin, a passionate life long Janeite. Every other week Izzy is joined by a fellow Austen enthusiast as they take a deep dive into Jane Austen's novels and characters. This podcast is for the  fans who love to oscillate between the thought provoking conversations and simply having a good laugh. In each episode we engage in lively discussions about everything Jane Austen, from the dreamy romantic moments to the slightly quirky and unusual aspects of her stories. We embrace the full spectrum of the Austen fandom and create space for fun discussions, including cross-over content and unpopular opinions. Whether you're a long-time Austen fan or new to her works, this podcast promises entertaining and engaging discussions that will deepen your appreciation for Austen's timeless tales for many years to come. 

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