Made by friends from different European countries. Enjoy! ⭐️🎙️🌎

Do you believe this world can be a better place? Well, then this podcast is for you!Hello World…my name is Malou and I’m from Denmark. I am fourteen years old and this podcast is made by me and my friends from many different countries across Europe. There are so many podcasts out there…often aiming for a young audience…but almost always produced by adults and with adults making up the topics and asking all the questions….so we are going to do the opposite. In this podcast series, it’s me and my friends who chose the topics…and we are going to create a podcast for - and about - people of all ages. Cause’ age is not that important to us. What is important to us is to share our perspective and listen to people who have interesting and important stories to tell the world…. and that's why we call it "Hello World". To interview someone means… to meet or get a glimpse of another person’s life…. and that’s a real PRI-VIL-IGE so we promise to hold space and listen respectfully to the people we meet.  ‘Cause many people think that making a podcastis all about being a good storyteller…. but in HELLO WORLD we want to focus on being really good storylisteners as well. “Hello World” is a podcast project and a collaboration between seven different countries and funded by Erasmus Plus, aiming to promote active citizenship among teenagers and strengthen the participants' digital and emotional literacy. 

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