All Things Seniors: A Podcast For Caregivers

Rafiq Punjani

In this podcast we talk with experts about 'All Things Seniors' - Transportation, Food, Housing (Downsizing, Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Personal Care Homes etc.), Health (Dementia, Alzheimer, Arthritis, Parkinson, Posture, Hearing Loss, Blindness etc.), Abuse, Loneliness, Isolation and much more. The purpose is to provide information and learning for Caregivers about these challenges. Most caregivers end up in the role of Family Caregiver for the first time in their lives - they crave this knowledge. Most caregivers are from a Sandwich generation, where on one hand they have their own life (kids, jobs, wife, their own health etc.) and on the other hand they also have older parents to take care of. These sandwich generation caregivers crave for these knowledge nuggets, as to how to support Mom/Dad, to be able to provide better care to their loved ones. If you would like us to address a topic that you currently don’t find in any episodes, let us know and we will address your questions with a relevant industry expert. You can connect with us at

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