Writing & Editing

Wayne Jones

Writing & Editing is a podcast for people who deal with words. Writers, readers, and listeners. Editors and their clients. And anyone interested in the English language. ||  It covers all aspects of writing and editing, in all forms and media, from books to film to theatre to copywriting to audiobooks and much more. || There are three episodes per week, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. || The Monday and Thursday episodes are usually interviews/conversations with guests who are experts or practitioners, but some do feature just me solo. A typical episode is 20 to 25 minutes long. || The Saturday episode is a feature about the English language, called "A Few More Words." It's generally a little shorter, 15 to 20 minutes long. || All episodes are freely available in audio wherever you get podcasts, and in video on my YouTube channel. || Wayne Jones, Host, Writing & Editing | WritingEditing.ca || Music: “Thoughtful” by Oleksandr Stepanov (penguinmusic on Pixabay) || 

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