Hello and welcome to Nourish. My name is Kasia and I’m an entrepreneur, community builder, and student of Zen and Chinese Medicine. I’m on a mission to share the stories of inspiring humans who have discovered that elusive state of balance between achieving success and having a sense of inner connectedness & spirituality. Think Yin and Yang in flow. I know first hand how difficult it can be to integrate the two. I’m a Type-A Capricorn who has spent the past 11 years ruthlessly climbing the ladder to success in Silicon Valley - sacrificing everything along the way. However, as much as my dreams and achievements fulfill and excite me I had to learn the hard way that hustling without balance just leads to burnout, anxiety, and depression. We need to nourish ourselves with a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and inner awareness. I’ll be the first to admit that finding equilibrium is not a linear path. But my hope is that these interviews inspire you as much as they have me, help you recognize how multi-dimensional we really are as humans, and allow you to rethink your approach to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. So you can cultivate the life of your dreams. Enjoy. 

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