Unchurching: Healing Religious Trauma and Owning Your Spiritual Identity

Titus Glenn

Unchurching: Healing Religious Trauma & Owning Your Soul Identity3 main show benefits:Reconstructing your faithOwning your sexual identityHealing religious trauma & spiritual abuse to step into your authentic selfA podcast for black sheep who want to reconnect with their faith outside of the church and step into their *authentic self*Have you ever found yourself in a dark place questioning God, sexuality & your purpose?If so, that’s exactly where I, Titus Glenn, found myself 2 years ago. After painfully ending a 14-year-long marriage, I found myself in a spiritual awakening; the darkest night of the soul. I was utterly lost.Through a transformative journey of self-discovery, counselling, and spiritual work, I’ve emerged from that darkness and am now on a mission to help black sheep seeking to reconnect with their faith outside of traditional church settings. In Unchurching, you’ll gain spiritual tools, clarity and the confidence to heal your religious trauma, spiritual abuse & claim your own identity in 2 weekly episodes. If you’re ready to embark on this path of spiritual growth & transformation, simply scroll up and click "Follow."

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