Wealth Tactic Rebels

Kevin M Dumont

Bringing CLARITY and taking CONTROL of YOUR MONEY back to you and away from the major financial institutions. We are a new breed of Independent, out-of-the-box thinking, self-sufficient, Wealth Tactic Rebels. WTR is a unique, weekly podcast about rebelling against the norm of wealth tactics. We will feature unique discussions on managing the wealth of your life with different ideas from what is common in the media. You can expect new ways of looking at all aspects of wealth, including taxes, interest and debt, financing major capital purchases, planning for retirement, planning for college and much more. We will also have frequent interviews with experts in various areas of wealth. Not to mention, sometimes the best way to learn how to be successful, is by following examples of success. So we will also be featuring interviews of successful entrepreneurs to give great insight into how they achieved success. Follow along with WTR as together, we look to a new future.

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