Hunters HD Gold®, Behind the Lens

Hunters HD Gold® - Brian Conley

Discover the world of competitive shooting sports through the eyes of industry leaders, top athletes, and match directors in the Behind the Lens Podcast, hosted by Brian Conley of Hunters HD Gold. Delve into captivating conversations that reveal the passion, dedication, and skill that define the shooting sports community. Brian, a steadfast supporter of the shooting sports, brings unique insights and expertise to each episode. Uncover the latest trends, techniques, and stories from the people who shape the shooting sports landscape. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of competitive shooting, the shooting industry, and the remarkable individuals who make it all possible.Hunters HD Gold Links:Website: https://huntershdgold.comInstagram: States Practical Shooting Association Official Eyewear: https://uspsa.orgSteel Challenge Shooting Association Official Eyewear: https://scsa.orgMetal Madness Official Eyewear:

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