Exhaust Notes: Formula 1 Racing and F1 Musings

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The Exhaust Notes Podcast is a podcast for fans of Formula 1 that are new to the sport and lifelong followers. Whether you're trying to keep up on who drives for which team, understand the technicalities of the sport, or like us, just find yourself wanting to talk about F1 between races, Exhaust Notes is for you. With two longtime fans bringing perspectives from the racing side, the marketing side, and a relative newcomer to the sport thanks to Drive To Survive, the conversations are equal parts entertaining, educational, and sometimes just ridiculous. Hosted by: Nick Engvall - Nick Engvall is a writer, creator, and consultant who has helped brands like StockX, Finish Line, and Complex find their brand voice and niche in the content business. He’s an aspiring van-lifer with Honda's Power of Dreams running through his veins. Rohit Malhotra - Rohit Malhotra is a relapsing sneakerhead who enjoys podcasts, sports, and podcasts about sports. He’s relatively new to the automotive scene, but like the F1 cars he’s come to admire, he’s loud, flashy, and full of hot air. Todd Yates - Todd Yates is a gear head, racing fan, and sneaker enthusiast. Todd has started and built up aftermarket parts companies and car communities. Knower of obscure facts and most importantly long-time Honey Badger fan boy.

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