Unlock Your Child's Full Potential Podcast


This is the Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential podcast and I am your host Billy. I am a mom of 3 lovely girls and I’m looking for answers. I am looking for ways to fill the gaps left  by the school system and teach my kids the lessons that are going to prepare them for real life. I want to learn practical tips that I can put to practice so that I can raise capable and confident young people who are kind, caring and authentic and who bring value to the world. I know it’s a lot. But I think  as parents we have the unique role of nurturing the potential of the special human beings entrusted to our care. We can’t expect school and the teachers to do everything and we don’t want to let the environment decide who our kids become. It's up to us to coach our children on how to be successful and fulfilled. That’s why I practice what I call intentional parenting. It all starts with creating a clear, compelling vision of what you and your family are all about and asking yourself questions like “what kind of strengths and abilities will our children need to have in order to be successful when they grow up?”. Every one of us will have a different vision, what’s important here is to have some kind of  a plan. Because the window of opportunity to influence our kids' development is small and we better lay a good foundation early on. That’s my goal here. To talk to as many parents, educators, experts, you name it, and ask the questions, look for the universal principles, find as many tools as possible to be a better parent and give my kids a head start in life. If that resonates with you, join me every Wednesday and  let’s inspire each other to create an environment where our children can blossom into the best versions of themselves. 

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