Lucid. Thrive. Podcast with Lee Groombridge

Lee Groombridge

Welcome to the Lucid. Thrive. Podcast; the podcast for ambitious, self-driven, intelligent thinkers. Are you a business owner, a leader, an athlete or a person who has constant inner drive? A voice telling you that you can be more than you are right now and a willingness to never settle until you achieve success? If this is you, you will know that this drive can come at a high price where at times, despite not being alone you can feel lonely and this has a negative impact on your motivation and mindset.My name is Lee Groombridge - I'm a start-up founder, a CEO, professional psychology coach and business mentor. I had a 10 year journey as a co-founder and CEO of a boot-strapped start-up which we grew to seven-figures, navigated the path of gaining investors and eventually sold the business. In the following years I became a Humanistic Psychology Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner which has enabled me to develop a unique coaching style and programme that couples all my practical life and business experience with academic knowledge, called the Lucid Thrive Plan. This podcast will share the inner workings of the programme, giving you insight and exposure to world-class coaching tools and content that covers many topics such as; how to remove frustration and gain clarity through true self-awareness, how to overcome overwhelm and build prosperity to enable peak performance, how to stop reacting and gain personal fulfilment by reverse engineering your success. Be a part of the journey:

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