YowKno.com is a podcast and entertainment network focused on Jesus Christ as we grow further together. We all have struggles and we won't hide ours. We are not your normal Christian network that focuses on everyone else beside us. Rather we strive for bettering ourselves and in that process, hope people can learn from our own achievements. Our podcasts is really "Just A Podcast." It may grow into something big, it may be God's calling for those who serve God through it, and it may point others to Christ who is the way to Salvation. But ultimately our podcasts is apart of the world too. Just like a phone, or mouths; it can be used for Good, and it can also be used for evil. So in correlation to God's prescribed will, may we choose him over us. We won't make a false statement saying everyday we pray that this be God's will because we understand that it is. But in gratitude of this spiritual gift we say that we are all sinners, and somethings said may be wrong. And that's okay. Keeping God first will allow truth to prevail as God is truth. We know God never made humans to understand everything, but rather a willingness to understand what we can. So with eagerness let's seek Christ together. Amen! If you have any questions, please visit yowkno.com/contact

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