Kingdom Culture Conversations

Frameworks, a Biblical worldview initiative from Northwest Christian School

What would happen if we all came together to truly pray "Thy Kingdom come"? What would the world look like? How different would the culture be from the culture of the world today? Northwest Christian School in Phoenix, Arizona is pleased to present "Kingdom Culture Conversations" as part of Frameworks, a Biblical worldview initiative launched by the school. Northwest Christian uses God's word to address the issues that are confounding the culture in which our students are living: gender, race, the sanctity of life, sexuality, and more. Within each episode, recognized experts on these issues discuss the ramifications of holding to a Christian worldview during a time of cultural upheaval and work to equip students to understand and address the issues. Subscribe now! Upcoming episodes will feature crucial conversations with religious liberty attorney Erik Stanley, Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy, Arizona gubernatorial candidate and current state treasurer Kimberly Yee, Matt Beienburg of The Goldwater Institute, and many others...

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