The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care

Alison Katschkowsky

What does Self Care look like to you? It's not a spa day, a massage or a workout. It's not a day off from work, or a bubble bath. It's so much more than the things we do, it's HOW we prioritize ourselves in general. Join me every Tuesday and Thursday for two different editions of the Ultimate Journey of Self Care. Tuesday's show is a deeper dive into what self care can look like for you with conversations about fitness, mindset, energy eating and fuel for your body, spirituality, travel and leisure and more. On Thursdays we'll take a closer look at self care for your business, on the Business Edition, as an entrepreneur, with short bite sized episodes about growing and innovating in your business in a post pandemic world. Join me and we'll take a walk on the journey of self care together. Subscribe and Follow us so you don't miss an episode.

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