Crazy Until It's Not: Startups, Venture Capital & Big Ideas

firstminute capital

Digital JPEGs selling for millions of dollars; machines that turn thin air into food; people buying a McDonald's with Bitcoin; an AI program that can replace illustrators; psychedelics being prescribed by doctors. What do these ideas have in common? They were all completely crazy notions until, one day, before most people had even heard of them, they were part of our world. So what’s next? “Crazy until it’s not” is a podcast by firstminute capital where we talk with tech visionaries about their predictions for the future — ideas that may seem crazy today but could be part of daily life tomorrow. We ask each guest to come onto the show with one big, bold and non-obvious vision for the next five years as a jumping-off point for debate about how the world will be tomorrow. Previous guests on the firstminute capital podcast include Tony Blair, David Bonderman, Roelof Boetha, Max & Nellie Levchin, Jeff Immelt, Rio Ferdinand, Sir Hermann Hauser, Nico Rosberg and Niklas Zennstrom.

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