The Digital Insider with Sinan Aral


The Digital Insider with Sinan Aral, is dedicated to getting to the hard science behind the digital economy. MIT Professor, IDE Director, and author of “The Hype Machine," Sinan Aral, sits down with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, including Nobel laureate, Maria Ressa, Facebook Whistleblower, Frances Haugen, NYU Professor and business guru, Scott Galloway, and broadcast news journalist and MSNBC host, Ali Velshi, to explore the latest trends in digital business and society. Each episode takes a deep dive under the hood of how the digital economy actually works. From AI bias to NFTs; fake news to two-sided markets; cryptocurrencies to quantum computing, Sinan and guests make sense of the lightning-fast changes taking place in the tech driven world —from a scientific perspective. Got a question for Sinan? Call and leave us a voicemail for a chance to have your question answered live on air during our "Ask me Anything" episodes: (617) 468-8423‬. Visit for more. Follow @sinanaral and @mit_ide on Twitter and @professorsinan and @mit_ide on Instagram.

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