Hello My Beautiful Being, I wanted to let you know a name change for the podcast! It is now Selfcare with Li! The podcast dedicated to personal growth, living intentionally, and walking in your purpose. Li strongly encourages everyone to write their vision on paper. Using our words is the only way to create the days, weeks, years, and life we want. The seven pillars of selfcare has really helped me with my journey in falling back in love with myself. Though the battle was and is still challenging, I want everyone to fall back in love with themselves, and reach your highest potential. I want to encourage self-improvement and personal development as we journey through this life. Life is amazing when we do it on purpose and care. It's not enough to simply talk about what we want. Anyone can have a good talk game. We can take it one step further and take action. Join me every Wednesday to come up with an action plan. Let's be intentional together. Check out my website www.selfcarewithli.com!

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