The Core of Commerce Podcast explores the commerce strategies and technological innovations that are driving the growth of the world’s most dynamic industry — eCommerce. The retail and digital revolutions are well underway, providing businesses with new opportunities to innovate and delight in the name of customer experience. But in an industry that’s forever shifting, how do businesses know where to focus next in their eCommerce strategies? The Core of Commerce Podcast explores the industry’s hottest topics to inspire you and give you practical tools to improve your commerce business. Host, Guido Jansen, talks to the industry’s brightest minds, who are pushing the boundaries of commerce. From platforms and payments to mobile apps and marketing, and much more, Core of Commerce equips you with cutting-edge knowledge to help you achieve and exceed your digital commerce goals. The Core of Commerce Podcast is brought to you by Vaimo. For actionable commerce advice that your business can start implementing today, see Vaimo’s blog. For more information, visit

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