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SEASON 3 LAUNCHED FRIDAY, DEC. 15TH!!!!!! Hi! Welcome to the Ageless Glamour Girls Podcast (AGG)! What's age got to do with it? Everything and nothing at all. Let's embrace it, Luvvies! I am your host, Marqueeta Curtis-Haynes, Founder and CEO of the Ageless Glamour Girls lifestyle brand. I'm also the administrator of a private Facebook group called "The Ageless Café."          New episodes of the Ageless Glamour Girls (AGG) Podcast drop twice/month. You can find the podcast on most podcasting platforms, including Apple, Amazon Music, and Spotify. The podcast explores all things aging - to inspire and help empower women 50+ to navigate this new season of transformation.  AGG covers the good, the challenging, and everything in between - and besides politics, nothing is off-limits.                                 We have so much information to share with you, and we hope you'll join us on this exciting season of change - the splendid aging journey! 'So glad you're here! We do appreciate you, Luvvies!  If you want to be a guest on the show, or if you have an idea to share, please drop us a line at: We would love to hear from you! Thanks for the love! 😊😊😊 New Book: Ageless Glamour Girls: Reflections on Aging @agelessglamourgirls (Private FB Group: The Ageless Café)

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