This is a podcast about injustice experienced by innocent US citizens subjected to the bias, discrimination, inherent latent racism and corruption in the US criminal justice system. We feature people falsely imprisoned for years and decades, and sometimes executed when they were innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. We witness hidden exculpatory evidence, police who abuse, torture and beat innocent citizens into false guilty pleadings and coerced confessions. We witness how the US justice system clearly outnumbers and overwhelms all but the most wealthy among us. We see how a typical US citizen, once accused, is the mythical man that brings a knife to a gunfight. Sometimes the gun is a pistol, sometimes an AK47, other times a 50mm machine gun, and occasionally an Abrams tank., Regardless of caliber, the weapon is used to ostensibly protect the rest of us 'law abiding' citizens. One way or another, we voted this system into existence, or we approved willingly in one way or another; by shouting approvingly of criminal convictions by any means, or sat idly by but still voting for 'law and order' candidates to protect ourselves and whom we love from criminality exaggerated by politicians, police and prosecutors.

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