Ukrainian Fire Chaplain Show


Fr. Dn. Christopher is ordained clergy in the Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine. As a layman who has worked on the front lines of EMS throughout COVID-19 (even saved his youngest son from cardiac arrest), he offers a unique perspective on living. Join his weekly podcast on the ups and downs of life from someone who has served as a first responder and chaplain, and from someone who has graduate degrees in business, education, and theology. He offers a direct, witty, and simple approach to discussing questions and topics we all wonder about. In his weekly show, he talks about life, death, and everything in-between (and after) from his experience as a former atheist and one of America’s bravest. In addition to his weekly show, he will be offering beginner-friendly lecture series on aspects of the Christian worldview. Also, join him for special episodes as he interviews other people with similarly unique life stories. 

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