Raise Private Money Legally • for Real Estate

Kim Lisa Taylor

Ready to invest in properties and projects bigger than you can manage alone? Then you're ready to syndicate. On "Raise Private Money Legally," host and attorney Kim Lisa Taylor guides you through this complex and confusing world. Learn how to raise private money and avoid legal potholes. Each episode educates potential syndicators about how to raise private money legally. As well, she takes calls from the audience and answers their questions. Kim Lisa Taylor has helped investors raise over $350 million dollars in private money and purchase over a billion dollars of real estate. Kim puts her money where her mouth is; she's not just a lawyer, she's also an investor. She has owned or controlled 30 rental properties and has been a general partner in a land development project. Information discussed during this podcast is of a general, educational nature and should not be construed as a legal advice. Contact us: info@syndicationattorneys.com

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