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Rowena Patton

www.RealEstateNewsRadio.comReady to navigate the complexities of real estate with ease and confidence? Tune into our podcast, hosted by Rowena Patton, the acclaimed author of "Find Your Unique Value Proposition" and the insightful "CashCPO." Rowena, a seasoned expert with a  history on the live radio show since 2011 'Real Estate News Radio', brings clarity and simplicity to the often overwhelming world of real estate.Whether you're buying, selling, or assisting others in the process, our show is designed to remove the stress and inject enjoyment into your real estate journey. Understand that there's no universal solution in real estate, and Rowena, along with her knowledgeable guests, offers a variety of strategies to help you smoothly navigate what can seem like a labyrinth.Stay updated on the latest in real estate innovation, particularly the ever-evolving technology, and learn how to leverage these changes to your advantage. Our podcast breaks down real estate concepts into plain English, making it accessible and fun for everyone. We're eager to address your questions and guide you through the real estate process, so please share your queries with us here:  www.RealEstateNewsRadio.comJoin us for a podcast that transforms the complex world of real estate into an understandable and enjoyable journey. Subscribe now and become a savvy real estate consumer!

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