The Ecosystem Show

Diana Joseph and Mikel Mangold

The Ecosystem Show is a weekly audio world tour exploring entrepreneurial ecosystems around the globe. Open innovation depends on a thriving ecosystem, and we’re here to show you what that looks like in some very different places! Each week, guided by a small group of local stakeholders, we investigate the history, current state, superpowers and challenges of a specific region. Diana Joseph, Silicon Valley Innovation Consultant and CEO of the Corporate Accelerator Forum, ground zero for open innovation AND Mikel Mangold of NGK Venture Labs, based in Germany. How did we get here? We wrote a paper on entrepreneurial ecosystems with Susan Windham-Bannister, leader of the 1B fund behind the development of the famous life sciences hub in Boston. Sue’s story made us curious about other ecosystems and sent us out to explore the world!Drop us a line on linkedin or contact us on to give feedback or tell us where we should visit next! This series is sponsored by the Corporate Accelerator Forum - delivering the tools, practices, cases and relationships that corporates need to succeed in open innovationEpisode 1: Los AngelesEpisode 2: New YorkEpisode 3: BerlinEpisode 4: KrakowEpisode 5: Chile Episode 6: IraqEpisode 7: Bahrain Episode 8: London Episode 9: Bulgaria Episode 10: Tanzania Episode 11: Tel Aviv Coming soon: Pittsburgh, Prague, Ukraine and more!

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