Team-Up Moves

Fiona Hopkins and Stephanie Burt

Hosts Fiona -- a forever GM -- and Stephanie -- a professor and comics critic -- explore the multiverse of superhero TTRPGs with a variety of expert guests from the world of roleplaying games and comic books. In each 2-4 episode run of the show we do an actual play of a different superhero RPG to demonstrate how the game works at the table. Each run ends with a detailed discussion of the system, where we talk about what kinds of superhero stories each game helps tell, how effective they are at doing so, and even give you some comic book recommendations that match the game. You could say it's like the Danger Room, but for RPGs. Each AP takes place in our shared city of New Arcadia, but you can listen to the runs in any order. Pick a game that sounds interesting and check us out! Twitter: @teamupmoves Website:

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