Half-Arsed History

Riley Knight

Welcome along to Half-Arsed History! It's a weekly podcast highlighting absurd and entertaining stories from history. For around 40 minutes a week, it also makes host Riley Knight feel as though his useless history degree has some kind of real-world relevance. Get in touch: halfarsedhistory@gmail.com Support the show on Patreon: https://patreon.com/halfarsedhistory Buy Half-Arsed History merch: https://bit.ly/hahmerch If you've just discovered the show and aren't sure which of the 250+ episodes to start with, here are some suggestions: Episode 65: Tarrare, the Eating Machine - https://sptfy.com/Ov4X Episode 75: The Great Emu War - https://sptfy.com/Ov5a Episode 181: Caravaggio, the Brawling Painter - https://sptfy.com/Ov5k Episode 139: The History of the Toilet - https://sptfy.com/Ov53 Episode 233: The 1930 FIFA World Cup - https://sptfy.com/Ov5g

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