Soul & Science: Fast Forward Your Marketing Mind

Mekanism and Jason Harris

In today’s world how does a brand break through the noise and become iconic? Well, there’s a complex marketing machine running behind all your favorite brand names that goes deeper than you could imagine. Join Jason Harris, co-founder and CEO of award-winning creative agency, Mekanism, as he speaks with leading experts about how to build an iconic brand. We will pull back the curtain on how culturally relevant brand building and always-on digital work together to make brands famous and drive business Results. Think of it as EQ meeting IQ. Let’s fast forward our marketing minds on the Soul & Science Podcast.Soul & Science is a Mekanism podcast produced by Maggie Boles, Ryan Tillotson, Grace Robert and Lily Jablonski. The show is edited by Daniel Ferreira, with theme music by Kyle Merritt.At Mekanism we build iconic brands with Soul & Science. The Soul is culturally relevant brand building and the Science is the always-on marketing activities that drive the bottom line. Learn more at Brought to you by Mekanism.

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