Podcast Host Jazzmen J. Wilson interviews GIS (Geographic Information Systems) professionals who work in utility, conservation, mining, cartography, programming, design, project management, film, and so much more! GIS is a system that creates, manages, analyzes and maps all types of data. GIS is used broadly across many types of fields as noted above and has an impact on our daily lives.  Jazzmen started conducting personal interviews with people within the GIS community to discover what they do in their roles. She decided that it would be great to share with others who are interested in gaining knowledge about GIS or those who are already in the world of GIS to learn different point of views on how others apply this application in their careers. This GIS Chat platform gives a chance to learn insight from the professionals who apply GIS in their careers but also a personal look on who these people are as individuals by keeping the conversation informal, informative, and honest. 

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