A Big Sur Podcast

Magnus Toren, host

An ongoing conversation with people from near and far about Big Sur's past, present, and future. A Big Sur Podcast interprets 'community' to mean ALL people from around the world who are curious about, and who care about, the preservation and restoration of the wild and rural character of Big Sur. Stories are told by visitors and residents, plumbers and linesmen, musicians and authors, dancers and jugglers and others. Sometimes we drift (way) off-topic into the arts, sciences, personal stories, gossip, politics, philosophy, ornithology, Henry Miller, and our zeitgeist in general. We like that! If you are planning a visit to Big Sur and you listen to some of the folks on this Podcast talk about their love of the place your visit will probably be a lot more rewarding. Please email magnus@henrymiller.org with any comments, critique & suggestions. Music clips courtesy John Holm: https://www.discogs.com/artist/374084-John-Holm | Sound editing software by Hindenburg | Special thanks to Jim Agius for special support.Please support the podcast by making a donation to the Henry Miller Library, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization. Thank you!

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