This podcast is for the curious Catholic interested in understanding Gnostic, Occult, Hermetic, New Age, and Ancient World mystery school teachings to strengthen their faith through knowledge, as well as for practitioners of those mystery schools interested in Catholic mystical traditions to see the internal Church alongside the external. I find myself somewhere in between these divergent trains of thought and have determined that when the layers of external meaning are peeled away, there's a harmony when it has to do with the mystical vision and experience. This podcast reflects my lifelong curiosity to uncover the allegorical symbols in the languages of different mystical schools, exploring the similarities and differences that exist specifically when it comes to the mystical vision and experience, and systematizing the path and the steps that lead one to the experience drug free. Join me on the Logos of Experience and Truth as I navigate these dark hallways of the ancient mysteries and mysticism with the light of illumination I've received from my own mystical visions and experiences.

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